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    9 Week old Northern Sky puppy on retrieve

Training Advise and Assistance

We are very excited this year to be adding something new to our program.  For many years we have had people asking for an alternative to sending a young dog out with a trainer.  We are currently fitting into our schedule time for one on one "training the trainer".  In these sessions the owner will be able to visit our facility with their dog, go out in the field, and train the dog themself with advise and assistance from us. We will be working on quartering, bird introduction, retrieving, and introduction to the gun, as well as steadying and finishing.   In our experience this has been the most beneficial and rewarding way to train.  We will have game birds as well as pigeons available.  We  hope this is going to be a lot of fun for everyone involved.  Please call if you are interested.

Tattoo and micro-chip Service and Registration

We are authorized agents for Tatoo-A-Pet International.  Micro-chip or tattooing provides the most effective, visible, permanent, positive, and virtually fool-proof system of recovery protection for pets.  The number one cause of death to pet animals is lost or stolen!  Tatoo-A-Pet has a 99% documented recoveries.  Service includes application of a tattoo on the inside of the left ear, and lifetime registration.  Registration is with a service with 24 hour, 7 day a week toll free number with a nationwide hot line.  Tatoo-A-Pet not only keeps a data base, but activly aids in the recovery of lost or stolen animals, guaranteeing emergency verterinary payment.  We strongly advise this protection for valuable pet and companion.


"It's Born in the Blood...It's the "Breeding, and It's the Training, and It's Something Unknown"

Dan Fogelberg

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