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Please call or email  for most current list of started dogs.

We currently have started and finished dogs between 1 and 6 years of age.

We occasionally have some very nice 'retiree's' looking for good homes.  Many of these dogs still have some hunt left in them, and all of them are well mannered and would love to be someones special companion.  Please call if you have a place in your life for a great older dog.



    Getting a started dog or a mature dog can be a great experience and is a very good option for some people.  However, it is something you should enter into with much thought and research. The dogs that WE offer that are "started" are puppies that we selected to watch and work with... they are our "pick" puppies, and show a lot of promise.  On most occasions these puppies remain in our home and become competitors and future breeding stock.  Occasionally one of these young dogs is offered for sale.They have been socialized, lived in our home, and worked in the field. They are excellent hunting and family companions that for one reason or another we are not keeping in our breeding program.

      Beware of the other "started" dog that is often available.  He is frequently the puppy that didn't sell.  Because he was trouble, he was put outside in a kennel, and very seldom taken out for a training session.  He may not be socialized, and does not have the skills to be a family companion.  Another scenario we see, is the dog that exhibited major problems in a training program, was "washed out"  because of those problems, but is still sold as a "started" dog.

    Always get references, visit the kennel and the dogs, and use your instincts as to why you feel this dog is available.  It may be a wonderful opportunity, or a very unfortunate mistake.


If you are interested in a started dog, please contact us as we may have or know of a nice dog available.

"It's Born in the Blood...It's the "Breeding, and It's the Training, and It's Something Unknown"

Dan Fogelberg

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